Naming conventions


There are two ways to capitalize identifiers:

In general, PascalCasing should be used for all identifiers except parameter names, which should use camelCasing. The following table shows the capitalization rules for different types of identifiers.

Identifier Casing
Namespace Pascal
Type Pascal
Interface Pascal
Method Pascal
Property Pascal
Event Pascal
Field Pascal
Enum Pascal
Enum value Pascal
Parameter Camel

Avoid Language-Specific Names

Naming New Versions of Existing APIs


Class, Struct, Enumeration, and Interface Names

Common Names for Derived Types

Method, Property and Field Names

Event Names

Parameter Names

Resource Names

Localized resources can be referenced as if they were properties, so their naming should be similar to those of actual properties. These additional guidelines should also be followed:

Assembly and DLL names

Using a name that represents the large chunks of functionality, such as System.Data, helps in discoverability.


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